Jetwash specialise in all aspects of outside and inside deep cleaning in Paphos Cyprus


Jetwash Ltd specialise in all aspects of outside and inside deep cleaning from driveways, cladding, natural stone, buildings & internal hard surfaces to industrial and specialised cleaning.

Blocked Drain Cleaning

Jetwash Ltd unblock blocked Drains, Toilets, Showers, Sinks blockages, clean drains, clear clogged and slow moving drains, unblock Sewer and Soil pipe drains, clean Gulleys, grids and Surface water drainage systems. We can jet through all drainage networks and systems with a variety of drain jets. These have different heads and gauges to suit all domestic and commercial drains.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning

We clean garden patios that have become infested with moss, algae (the green slimy slippery stuff)  and dirt over time, we have all the latest patio and driveway cleaning equipment including high pressure rotary surface cleaners and high powered diesel pressure washers. These specialised cleaning items are produced solely for hard surface driveway and patio cleaning and maintenance and enable us to carry out out patio cleaning and refurbishment keeping striping and streaking caused by the conventional lance to a minimum.